Back in London for a while…

Back in London after my five week trip I was lucky enough to meet up with Sophie again who was back in London. Arriving back at South Woodford, Cam and I met Sophie at the tube station and took her back to Dan and Claire’s place where I was staying. Me and Sophie were spending a few days together which was very exciting! We made dinner together and then Cam headed off to Amie and Simon’s house where he was staying in London for the next two weeks.

The next day we spent the morning lounging around before heading to South Kensington for a free photography exhibition and a look around and then to Notting Hill for the obligatory tourist photos in front of the bookstore and the blue door. That night we headed out to Zizzi’s for a meal together.


The next day we headed to Victoria Park for a ride on the ‘pedalos’ and then a walk around Bethnal Green. Sophie headed back to see her mum that night and I went over to Marina’s for a family dinner.


Campbell headed to Switzerland for the rest of the week so I had lots of time to myself to chill out, relax, look around the shops etc. I spent a lot of time in Brick Lane which I loved, such a great place filled with interesting shops and markets.


On one of the days Sophie’s boyfriend Alex arrived in London and I met up with them for a tour around Shoreditch which was all about the graffiti and street art that is around.



They headed off to Turkey for a few weeks but Campbell came back from Switzerland so I still had some company! As our bank balances were quite low most of our activities involved free things. We spent a lot of time around Oxford Circus, Leicester Square, most of it was actually standing in line trying to win raffle tickets to the Book of Mormon but we had no luck. We had a few meals out in Soho, ventured to the Science museum and did a walking tour around the city.




I spent a lot of time staying with Campbell at Simon and Amie’s which was so great, they were so lovely and made us feel right at home. Many days were spent in their flat watching Entourage and chilling out. Their flat is out in Beckenham which is quite a way from where I was staying in South Woodford with Dan and Claire. Weird to think that they’re both in the same city but it took about an hour and a half on the tube and train to get between the two places. Cam’s mate Nick was also in London so we met up with him a few times to get a couple of drinks and one night went to the casino bar for a bit and then had the task of venturing home to Beckenham on the bus at about 2am.

Nick was staying in Notting Hill at a family friend’s flat so he was in the best place for the Notting Hill Carnival. The Carnival is a crazy weekend with parades, lots of jerk chicken, loud music and tonnes of people. After making our way through the crowds to where Nick was staying we were able to experience most of it from the comfort of this amazing flat. We had a good night drinking and heading out into the crowds. As you can see Campbell had a very good night.


After having a few weeks in London with Campbell he was off again overseas for his Topdeck tour. I had a few more days in London and then I was off again as well, this time to meet up with Mum and Paul in Spain. I was so excited about this trip because I was finally meeting up with Mum again and it was on the other side of the world too!


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